Confidential sealThis is the next post in our series on the clearing of one’s criminal history. Our last article discussed the process for the sealing or expunction of a Texas record. It is important to understand that there are several steps involved in this process. Failing to properly handle any of these steps can result in the Court denying your request. We will expand on this discussion further by explaining how an attorney can help you to complete the process. If you require assistance then contact our office to speak with a Laredo lawyer.

There are several benefits to retaining a lawyer to assist you with the process of clearing your criminal history. First, counsel will verify that all records obtained from the Department of Public Safety are accurate. It is, unfortunately, possible that the Department may issue you an incorrect report as to your history. If an incorrect report is used as the basis for your Petition then the Department or the Prosecutor are more likely to file an objection and this can lead to your Petition being denied. Also, counsel will make sure that your Petition is prepared properly and, should a hearing be necessary, then your representative will be able to appear on your behalf. Just as importantly, counsel will assist you in making sure that any relevant state agencies complete the process of sealing or destroying your records. Gaining a court order is of little use if the matter is not properly completed.

One of the other large benefits of retaining counsel is that you will gain the experience of someone who is familiar with the process. Many individuals, for understandable reasons, can feel intimidated by the legal process. This feeling of intimidation can, in turn, result in someone not going through the with the process of Petitioning for the sealing of their record. By retaining someone, who has been through the process, you can alleviate any concerns about being afraid of the system.

Contact our Laredo office today to speak with a criminal defense lawyer regarding the sealing or expunction of your record. Joey Tellez is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and our office is ready to assist you.