Probation law binderThis is the next post in a series of articles discussing early termination of one’s probation in Laredo, Texas. My previous post provided an overview of Texas law regarding terminating probation before originally scheduled. To be eligible to make such a request, petitioners must have served a certain portion of their probation term and have met all conditions of their probation. The ultimate decision, however, rests with the judge, who will have complete discretion about whether to grant the request. It is important, therefore, to retain experienced defense counsel to represent your interests and help present the best possible case on your behalf. In this article, I will discuss the benefits of terminating probation early. If you need assistance, contact my office to speak with an attorney.

As an alternative to incarceration, probation is obviously the preferable choice for those charged with a criminal offense. When a person is sentenced to probation, they are required to comply with various conditions during the term. These can include obligations to report periodically to one’s probation officer and potentially be subject to drug testing. Conditions may also include paying restitution or other fees, attending psychological counseling, or completing other treatment programs. Depending upon how long one’s term of probation is, these conditions may become tedious and feel like an ongoing invasion of one’s privacy. Furthermore, failure to comply with the conditions, even if inadvertent, may result in incarceration for the underlying offense. For those sentenced to deferred adjudication probation, a violation may result in a criminal conviction. For these reasons, many probationers seek early termination of their sentence.

One obvious benefit of doing so is that the individual will no longer be subjected to the requirements mentioned above. After the conditions have ended, the person’s privacy will be restored, and they can move on with their life with significantly more freedom. In addition, the individual will no longer risk violating their probation and facing incarceration. While the early end to probation does not mean that the underlying crime is removed from one’s criminal record, it reflects positively on the defendant. Not only is it an indication that the probationer complied with the terms of their sentence, but also that the judge was convinced that their actions were favorable enough to warrant ending the term early. If the defendant was sentenced to deferred adjudication probation, early termination of the punishment may mean that the person can start proceedings to seal their record. Doing so can remove the information from discovery through background checks, which may have a positive impact on one’s employment, housing, and other opportunities.

If you are on probation and have questions about the early termination process, my office is ready to assist you. Contact us today to speak with a Laredo criminal defense lawyer. My office also serves clients in other areas of south Texas.