Laredo, Texas Criminal Defense Overview

Man in suit cuffed from behindA person’s liberty is the most important thing in their life. You are at risk of losing that liberty if you have been charged with a crime by the state of Texas. In addition to public embarrassment you may be facing prison time, fines, a permanent criminal record, and difficulty in finding future employment. If you or a family member have been arrested then it is crucial that you retain a qualified lawyer to assist you. Joey Tellez is a Laredo criminal defense attorney who devotes a substantial portion of his practice to protecting the rights of those who have been charged with a crime. Joey has been practicing law since 2002 and he prides himself on providing a high level of service. Call our office today to schedule an initial consultation.

Laredo lawyer handling criminal matters involving felonies, DWI, and more

The state of Texas takes a tough stance against criminal conduct. Prosecutors aggressively pursue charges and a conviction can carry serious consequences. If you are convicted of an offense then your penalties will be based on the nature of the crime, your prior criminal record, as well as the presence of any “aggravating factors.” Common charges which one may find themselves defending against include:

If you face any of these situations then it is important that you recognize the gravity of the matter. Retaining an attorney is one of the first steps you can take to protect your rights.

Joey believes that everyone is entitled to as strong as possible representation. He will use your initial consultation to gain an understanding of how you were arrested and to help you understand what you should expect from the process. He will quickly notify the prosecution that he is defending you. Our office will then obtain any relevant police reports, witness statements, security footage, or other evidence. We will also conduct any necessary investigation. If Joey believes that your rights were violated then he will file all appropriate Motions with the Court. If a dismissal is not possible and a favorable resolution cannot be reached then we will take the necessary steps to ensure that you are prepared for trial. We will be in regular contact with you throughout the process and Joey will be available to answer your questions. We are ready to assist you. Call our Laredo office to speak with a lawyer.

Lawyer providing quality service to Laredo residents who face criminal charges

Our lawyer prides himself on providing quality service to those he represents. This includes promptly responding to phone messages and often providing clients with his cell phone number. We make attorney-client communication a priority and Joey will meet with you prior to major occurrences in your case. If possible, he is also able to assist with the sealing or expunction of your criminal record.