Criminal law binderThis is the last post in a series of articles about defending against aggravated assault charges in Laredo, Texas. When one is charged with aggravated assault, it is important to retain experienced criminal defense counsel as soon as possible. Aggravated assault is a felony offense in Texas and is punishable by significant periods of incarceration and fines. Given the consequences of a conviction, one must evaluate and present evidence for all possible defenses. A goal of this series has been to provide information that may assist in defending against aggravated assault charges.  Another goal has been to provide information that may help one facing such charges select a lawyer to vigorously defend one’s interests. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, contact my office today to speak with an attorney.

I have reviewed the following key subjects in this series:

These points are relevant to anyone facing aggravated assault charges for several reasons. First, one is entitled to reasonably defend oneself if faced with a threat of harm. Self-defense, if adequately proven, can exonerate a defendant from aggravated assault charges. Second, it is possible to challenge the use of certain evidence or statements obtained by the police if the officers failed to follow constitutionally required procedures. Overly suggestive police tactics used in interviewing eyewitnesses, for example, may lead to the exclusion of an eyewitness’ identification of the suspect. Third, law enforcement is required to provide Miranda warnings when a suspect is placed into custody. The failure to do so can result in the exclusion of statements made by the defendant and other potential evidence from trial. Next, the presence or use of a firearm or other deadly weapon during an assault or aggravated assault will result in more severe criminal penalties, making the defense strategies even more important. Finally, if you are facing aggravated assault charges, you should have a basic understanding of the jury trial process.

Aggravated assault is a serious criminal offense and could result is serious criminal penalties. As a Laredo criminal defense lawyer, I will explore all possible defenses that may be available to protect your interests. My office serves clients in Laredo and other areas of south Texas. Contact my office today to speak with an attorney.