gun, gavel, and handcuffsThis is the first post in a series which will discuss the handling of criminal charges in Laredo, Texas involving gun crimes. The goal of these articles is to inform readers about the potential for serious legal consequences resulting from firearm-related charges. Convictions may lead to prison sentences and the loss of future rights relating to gun possession. It is also my goal to share information that may help defendants select a criminal defense attorney if charged with a gun-related offense. If you have been arrested, contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

I will address several key topics in the upcoming posts, including:

  • Search and seizure issues in firearm related cases
  • How the use of a gun can elevate other charges
  • State prosecution of felons in possession of firearms

I have chosen to write about these issues for important reasons. First, understanding your Fourth Amendment rights may be an essential element to your defense. If the police violate these rights by unlawfully searching an individual and seizing evidence, it may be possible to exclude such evidence from the case. This could result in dismissal of the charges. Second, the penalties for certain crimes may be more severe if the accused has a firearm in their possession. Last, the Texas penal code prohibits certain individuals from possessing a gun if they have previously been convicted of a felony.

One point I cannot stress enough is the importance of retaining a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after you have been arrested. Your attorney will investigate the facts of your case and file the appropriate motions with the court. The sooner you engage someone to represent you, the more time counsel will have to mount an effective defense.

If you have been arrested for an offense that involves a gun charge, it is imperative that you retain an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Texas prosecutors will vigorously pursue these cases and understanding your defense options is imperative. I am committed to providing the highest level of customer service to my clients. Contact my office online or by telephone to speak with a lawyer. My office services Laredo and many areas of south Texas.