probation written on blocksThis is the first post in a series of articles discussing early termination of probation in Laredo, Texas. Many criminal offenders face probation, or conditional supervision, after being convicted of a crime in Texas. Probation is often seen as a second chance for one to reenter society and rebuild their life while under the supervision of a probation officer. While preferable to incarceration, probation requires ongoing compliance with specific conditions that can, at times, be onerous. Fortunately, Texas establishes a process by which someone on probation may seek to terminate the requirement earlier than originally sentenced in certain circumstances. The goal of this series is to provide general information about Texas’ laws and legal processes relating to terminating probation early. If you are on probation and need assistance, contact my office today to speak with a Laredo defense attorney.

In this series, we will address the following topics:

  • Texas law regarding early termination of probation
  • The benefits of terminating probation early
  • The effect of terminating probation early on one’s criminal record
  • The process for early termination of probation

Seeking early termination of one’s probation can be complicated. It is important, therefore, to understand these topics before beginning the process. First, Texas judges are given the authority and discretion to grant one’s request to end probation early. One must meet certain eligibility requirements to qualify. Even still, judges are granted wide latitude in their decision-making authority. It is important to understand what factors may be considered important in a court’s review. Second, there are various benefits to ending a term of probation early, some obvious and some less so. If a person is eligible, it is worthwhile to make such a request. Third, depending upon one’s criminal history and the offense leading to the probationary sentence, ending the supervision early may have differing effects on one’s future rights. While some may be entitled to seal or expunge criminal records, others may face ongoing restrictions, such as on gun ownership. Finally, one should be aware of the elements of the legal process involved in early probation termination. Knowledgeable defense counsel can explain the process and help you navigate the legal system.

I am a criminal defense attorney with experience seeking early termination of probation sentences. If you need assistance, contact my office today to speak to a Laredo lawyer. I also serve clients in other areas of south Texas.