Laredo, Texas Lawyer Handling Federal Criminal Charges

ConstitutionThe federal government is a separate entity from the state of Texas. It has its own laws, its own courts, and its own law enforcement divisions. If you are charged with violating the laws of the United States government then you will be prosecuted in federal court by the Department of Justice. Such prosecutions are considered very serious in nature. Not all criminal defense attorneys are licensed in federal court. It is important that you retain counsel who is licensed and experienced in handling such matters. Joey Tellez is a Laredo lawyer assisting those charged in the Southern District of Texas. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation. We are ready to assist you.

Laredo criminal defense attorney assisting those charged by the U.S. government

The United States has its own criminal laws which are codified in Title 18 of the U.S. code. A defendant may be prosecuted under these provisions after being arrested by either state or local police, the F.B.I., or another federal agency. Federal charges are often “higher level” offenses and considered to be very serious. Common examples of such charges include drug trafficking, matters involving child pornography, and charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm. Charges will be prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the case will be heard by a federal judge.

Federal prosecutions begin with the U.S. Attorney gaining an Indictment from the Grand Jury. An arraignment will be held before a Magistrate. A trial date will be set once a “not guilty” plea has been entered. The prosecution will provide the defense with police reports, witness statements, and other evidence which is required to be disclosed under Brady v. Maryland. If law enforcement violated the defendant’s rights, and found evidence as a result, then it may be possible to exclude such evidence from all court proceedings. If a dismissal cannot be obtained, and a favorable resolution is not reached, then the case will proceed to a trial at which the jurors will decide the issue of guilt or innocence. If the matter ends in a conviction then the Judge will issue a sentence pursuant to the federal sentencing guidelines. The rules of evidence and procedure are strictly enforced in federal court. It is crucial that you retain a lawyer experienced in handling such matters.

Joey Tellez is a Laredo criminal defense attorney who is licensed to practice in federal court. Joey will use your initial consultation to hear your side of the story and to begin formulating a defense. Once retained he will analyze all relevant discovery and will conduct any necessary investigations. If he feels that the police or the F.B.I. violated your Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights then he will file all appropriate Motions with the Court. He will aggressively argue to the Magistrate for the granting of such Motions. If a resolution is not reached then Joey will not hesitate to prepare your case for trial. He will make sure that you are prepared for your day in court, that you know what to expect from the process, and that your case is properly presented to the jury. Joey understands that this is a serious time in your life. He will take it seriously.

Lawyer staying in regular communication with Laredo defendants facing federal charges

If you are being prosecuted by the federal government then you have enough to worry about. You do not need the added aggravation of having an attorney who does not make him or herself available to answer your questions. Joey makes lawyer-client communication a priority. He promptly responds to messages, often gives clients his cell phone number, and he regularly meets with clients. We recognize that it is an honor to serve those in the Laredo community. We take this responsibility seriously.