Insurance claim formThis is the next post in my series on the handling of car accident cases in Laredo and elsewhere in south Texas. My last article discussed the handling of auto wrecks which involve commercial defendants. It is important to understand that such cases can involve multiple defendants and often become highly complicated. It is important that you retain a personal injury attorney who has experience in such cases. Doing so can help to improve the chances that your case is handled correctly. In this article I will address another important topic – the process of dealing with insurance adjusters after an accident. If you or a family member are in need of assistance then contact my office today to speak with a lawyer.

There are multiple things which will happen immediately following an accident. First, the victim’s lawyer will contact the defendant’s insurance carrier and inform them of the representation. This will allow counsel to deal with the carrier directly. The victim, in turn, may then focus on their medical treatment. Second, the victim will sign a HIPPA release so that their attorney may communicate with, and obtain information from their treating physician. This will allow counsel to stay up to date as to the status of your treatment. If you have sustained serious injuries, then your case may go into a “holding pattern,” until such time as your future prognosis can be reasonably determined.

Once a reasonable estimate of your future damages can be made, then counsel will send a demand for payment to the insurance adjuster. This “reasonable estimate” of your damages will include your future costs of medical care, compensation for any future reduction in earnings, as well as money for pain, suffering, and inconvenience which you may be expected to suffer. The demand letter will include a request for the sum of these monies, evidence (such as police reports, witness statements, etc.) of the defendant’s negligence, and proof (such as billings and records) of the victim’s injuries. After the insurance adjusters have received the settlement demand, then counsel for each side will begin negotiating in an effort to reach settlement. If a reasonable settlement cannot be reached then a lawsuit will be filed.

One point that I must stress is the need to retain a Laredo car accident lawyer who will be willing to see your case through to completion. If your attorney accepts a fast settlement then there is a chance that you will go without compensation for future medical care and lost wages. By retaining counsel, who is willing to take your case to trial if necessary, you help to ensure that your rights remain fully protected. I have handled may auto wreck cases throughout our area and I pride myself on the level of service which my office provides. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to being of assistance.