nurse helping patientIt is common for individuals to not know what to do immediately following an accident or injury. The victims of an accident will sometimes not seek immediate medical care. This can be due to a belief that they are “fine” and do not need medical attention. It can also be from concern over the cost of care. The fact of the matter, however, is that not immediately seeking care can result in one not being able to recover compensation which they should be entitled to. I am writing this article to explain why it is important to seek immediate care following any type of accident. If you are in need of legal assistance then contact my office today to speak with a Laredo personal injury lawyer.

It is generally best for any injury victim to seek medical care immediately after an accident. If one is seriously injured then an ambulance will often be called to the scene. If this occurs then the victim should typically not decline the ambulance ride. In more minor cases, an ambulance may not be called. In such situations many individuals do not think that they need care if they feel fine. There are several types of injuries, however, which may not show symptoms for some time. These can include head injuries and more. Going straight to the hospital is the best way to ensure nothing is wrong and that any injuries do not worsen as time goes on.

If one does not seek medical care immediately after an accident then they run the risk of hurting any case they will make for compensation. This stems from the fact that attorneys for the defendant’s insurance company will likely claim that any injuries were sustained through some event which occurred in between the subject accident and the time at which one sought medical care. They will often argue that if one is injured in the subject accident then they surely would have sought immediate care. If the jury were to believe this argument then it could result in the victim receiving no compensation. The best way to foreclose this type of argument, by the defense, is to seek immediate care after the incident.

It must also be noted that concern over medical expenses should often not be seen as a reason to decline care. If injuries are the result of an accident then most medical providers will often accept a lien on any eventual compensation in lieu of immediate payment. This means that one would not have to pay their medical bills up front out of hope of being reimbursed at a later time; the medical providers will be paid at the time of a settlement. Also, providers will often negotiate down their liens so that a victim may receive a fair settlement. While the amount of any lien reduction will always depend on the specifics of the case, such reductions are common. These are just a few reasons (besides the need to safeguard one’s health) why cost should not prevent the immediate seeking of medical care after an accident.

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