Attorney speaking to juryThis is the next post in my series on the handling of Laredo, Texas auto accident cases. My last article discussed the importance of discovery in a car accident case. It is important to understand that, contrary to what is portrayed in the popular media, a case is not won with evidence that is unearthed at the last moment. Instead, cases are won with evidence that is methodically collected through the discovery process. It is, therefore, important that you retain an attorney who understands how to utilize the tools available for the collection of information. In this article I will explain what a victim should expect from the trial process. If you are in need of assistance then call my office to speak with a lawyer. My firm handles cases throughout south Texas

I have previously discussed the handling of trials in trucking accident cases. The same processes apply to matters involving a car wreck. The case will begin with the selection of a jury. The attorney for each side will be able to “strike” potential jurors from the pool after asking them questions during a process known as voir dire. A juror may not be removed from the pool, however, for reasons involving ethnicity, gender, religion, or some other protected characteristic. Opening statements will be made after the jury has been empaneled. The Plaintiff will present their evidence and witnesses. The defense will follow by putting on their case. The Plaintiff will then present “rebuttal” evidence, which is a chance to directly respond to any claims made by the Plaintiff. Each side will then make a closing argument. The jury will deliberate and then issue a verdict. This verdict will include the jurors’ ruling on liability, comparative fault, and damages.

The issues of dispute in a trial will revolve around liability and/or damages. There may be a dispute as to whether the defendant is at fault or whether a majority of blame should lie with the Plaintiff. As I explained in my article on comparative fault in car accident cases, a plaintiff may recover damages even if they were partially to blame for the wreck. This means that a victim’s counsel must be experienced in arguing liability to a jury. Disputes may also exist about the extent to which the victim has actually been injured or whether their injuries were actually caused by some other incident. Decisions relating to damages will hinge on which side’s experts are believed by the jury and counsel’s ability to present the case.

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