Laredo Lawyer Handling Criminal Record Sealing & Expunction

criminal background check formSomeone will want to move on with their life after they have completed probation and the other requirements of a criminal conviction. Unfortunately, many people find that their past is hard to get away from. A prior criminal record can result in the inability to pass a background check, disqualification from employment, difficulty in finding housing, as well as other problems. Fortunately, Texas law provides options to those who have moved on from their past and are now living a productive life. There are some circumstances under which one may be able to “seal” their record by gaining an order of non-disclosure. Other individuals may be eligible for an expunction (which is otherwise known as an expungement) of their history. Consulting with an experienced attorney can help you to determine if you are eligible for either of these processes. Counsel can also help you to make sure that the process is handled properly. Joey Tellez is a Laredo lawyer assisting with the clearing of criminal records and we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

Laredo lawyer helping Texas residents seal their record through an order of non-disclosure

A criminal record can easily be found by a potential employer, landlord, or other individual who is performing a background check. If, however, a person has gained an “order of non-disclosure” then they will be legally allowed to say that they have never been arrested or convicted of an offense. Sealing a record in this way will also prevent investigators from finding it through the background check process. Texas convictions may be eligible for an order of non-disclosure if all of the following requirements are met:

  • Their original charge was the type of misdemeanor or felony which is eligible for the process
  • The defendant plead guilty or nolo contendre to the offense
  • The Judge deferred a finding of guilt and placed the accused under supervision
  • The accused successfully completed supervision and the charges were dismissed
  • The individual does not have an otherwise disqualifying criminal history

The nature of a defendant’s conviction will determine when they are eligible to seal their record. In some instances they will be able to do so immediately after completing supervision and in others they may have to wait for a mandatory time frame to pass. When filing for an order of non-disclosure it is important to follow all of the proper procedures or else the Court may reject the Petition. Retaining an attorney can help to ensure that the process is correctly followed.

Joey Tellez is a Laredo lawyer who assists individuals with sealing their criminal records. He will use your initial consultation to help you understand whether you are eligible to complete the process. If you are in fact eligible then Joey will request the requisite documents from the Courts and will work quickly to file your Petition. If the Court chooses to hold a hearing on the matter then Joey will attend it on your behalf and will argue that the Petition should be granted. Once the process has been completed he will assist you with circulating the order to the necessary state agencies. Joey believes that people should be entitled to a second chance in life. We are here to help you move forward.

Laredo lawyer handling the expunction of criminal records

Texas residents may be eligible for an expunction of their record in some instances. An expunction goes beyond the concept of non-disclosure. While a non-disclosure permits you to state that an offense never happened, expunction of a record will delete it from existence so that it is as if the arrest and conviction never occurred at all. An individual is eligible for expunction of their history if they were arrested but never charged, if they were acquitted, or if they were convicted of certain types of offenses. If you are eligible for this process then it is likely in your best interests to complete it. Our Laredo lawyer assists with the expunction of Texas records. Contact us today.