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Probation law binderAs an alternative to incarceration, being sentenced to probation is a preferable result for those charged or convicted of criminal offenses in Texas. Individuals serving a probation term are required to meet several conditions during their probationary period. These may include paying restitution, attending counseling or treatment programs, attending periodic meetings with their probation officer, and random drug testing. For many, these requirements can become onerous and feel like an ongoing invasion of one’s privacy. Noncompliance, even when inadvertent, can lead to punishment, including the revocation of one’s probation. Fortunately, Texas law establishes a procedure by which certain probationers may be able to terminate their probation earlier than scheduled. By doing so, they will be free from the obligations imposed upon them and may begin the process of cleaning up their criminal record. Joey Tellez is a Laredo criminal defense attorney helping clients seek early termination of their probation. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. We also serve other areas in south Texas.

Laredo lawyer helping eligible residents end their probation early

Under Texas law, certain eligible individuals may seek early termination of their probation term. Defendants who have completed one-third or two years of their sentence, whichever is less, may submit a request for the judge’s consideration. The court may, but is not required to hear the matter, however, until the requesting party has served one-half or two years of their probation term, whichever is longer. After clearing this hurdle, eligible probationers must be able to demonstrate to the judge that they have satisfied all of the conditions of their sentence. This means that all fines must be paid in full, all treatment programs completed, counseling attended as required, etc. If the amount of probation completed meets the requirements discussed above and the defendant satisfied the conditions of the probation, the judge may consider the request. Some residents may be prohibited from requesting early termination depending upon the nature of their underlying offense. Individuals who were sentenced to probation for certain violent or sexually-related crimes or DWI, for example, are not permitted to end their probationary terms early.

While Texas judges are granted the authority to approve early termination of a person’s probation, they are given complete discretion in their decision-making. This means that even if a defendant meets the eligibility requirements set forth above, their request may still be denied. It is important to demonstrate to the court all relevant evidence that the probationer is deserving of a second chance. Judges consider a number of factors in their evaluation. These may include the extent to which the defendant was cooperative during the probation process or sought to improve their life through education, spiritual activities, volunteerism, or otherwise. Positive contributions to society, such as employment or community service may also be impactful. Presenting as much evidence in support of these types of behaviors can mean the difference between the success or failure of an individual’s request.

Joey Tellez is a Laredo criminal defense attorney who represents probationers seeking to end their probation early. He has been licensed in the state of Texas since 2002 and has experience working through the criminal justice system. During your initial appointment, he will review your case to determine whether you are eligible for early termination of your probation sentence. He will also obtain the information necessary to begin building your case for the judge’s review. Joey has experience working with Texas judges and knows what types of evidence may be persuasive during their deliberations. Contact our office to schedule a meeting with a lawyer.

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Joey believes that every client, regardless of the circumstances, deserves his respect. He is dedicated to vigorously defending their rights. To that end, he gives each case his personal attention and is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to his clients. He prides himself on being responsive to his clients’ questions and concerns promptly throughout their case. If you need assistance, contact our Laredo office today to schedule a consultation. In addition to Laredo, we serve clients in other areas of South Texas.