Laredo Defense Attorney Handling Crimes Of Violence

Two men fightingCertain offenses can be blamed on issues of addiction or other societal problems. Society, however, shows no patience for those who commit acts of violence. Prosecutors aggressively pursue charges and judges are likely to show little leniency. Acts of violence can be charged as a felony and, if the accused individual is convicted, they will often face prison time. In addition to incarceration one can be straddled with a permanent criminal record, will have difficulty passing background checks, and may find themselves unable to obtain employment. Defendants often feel that they have no options after they have been arrested. The truth of the matter, however, is that there are legitimate defenses in such cases. It is important that you retain a criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights. Joey Tellez is a Laredo lawyer assisting Texas residents who have been charged with crimes of violence. We strive to provide the highest level of service and we are ready to assist you. Contact us today.

Laredo attorney handling misdemeanor and felony crimes of violence

Violence against others is criminalized on many levels. Depending on the circumstances you may find yourself charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or “aggravated” charges. The prosecution will often bring additional charges on top of those related to the crime itself. Typical acts of violence which people find themselves charged with include:

These types of offenses often revolve around the admissibility and reliability of eyewitness testimony, statements which law enforcement obtained from a defendant, and whether the accused was acting in self-defense. It is vital that you retain a lawyer who is familiar with litigating such matters and experienced in presenting cases to a jury.

Joey Tellez is a Laredo criminal defense lawyer assisting those who have been charged with a crime of violence by the state of Texas. Joey will use your initial consultation to hear your side of the story and to help you understand what it is you should expect from the process. He will quickly obtain all police reports, witness statements, and other evidence which the state is required to provide. Joey will then conduct a thorough investigation and will visit the scene of the incident if possible. Our firm will file Motions with the Court to exclude any unlawfully obtained statements or to disallow in court eyewitness identifications. If a dismissal cannot be obtained and a favorable agreement is not reached then Joey will not hesitate to defend you at trial. We understand the impact that these types of charges will have on your future. We are ready to assist you.

Laredo lawyer providing quality service in violent crime cases

Our firm believes that everyone is entitled to the highest level of respect. This is shown through the level of service we provide. Our lawyer regularly provides clients with his cell phone number, he quickly responds to phone calls, and we will make ourselves available to answer any questions you may have. We are honored to serve those in the Laredo community and we promise a high level of service to each and every client we serve.