car after wreckCar accidents are common occurrences in Texas that cause a lot of damage and pain to those involved. If you have been hurt through no fault of your own, it is important you get the help you need. This article will provide information on what steps to take first if you have been injured in an automobile accident. Knowing what to do and taking action immediately can help ensure you receive adequate compensation for your damages. It is also important that you retain an experienced car accident attorney knowledgeable of the law who can guide you through the legal process. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, contact us today to meet with a Laredo, Texas lawyer.

Laredo car accident victims should seek immediate medical care

If you have been involved in a car accident then it is important that you seek immediate medical care regardless of whether or not you believe you have been injured. The reason for which you should seek such care is that failing to do so can allow the defendant(s) to claim that the accident was, in fact, not the source of your injuries. Suppose, for example, an individual is in an accident and they do not go to the hospital for three days. When they visit the hospital they find out that what they thought was a headache that would go away is, in fact, a concussion or potential brain injury. In this instance the defense would claim that the victim hit their head after the accident, but before their trip to the hospital, are falsely attempting to claim that the accident was the cause of their head injury. If a jury were to believe this argument then the individual would be barred from receiving compensation.

After a serious wreck it is common for an ambulance to arrive at the scene. It is important that one not decline the ambulance ride to the hospital. Even if the accident is not serious enough to warrant an ambulance, however, it is important to still go straight to a place of care. This is due to the fact that many forms of injuries may not seem severe at first, but become worse over time. These types of injuries can include head trauma, organ damage, or issues with the joints. By seeking immediate care you, again, foreclose any arguments that the injury did not cause the harm and, importantly, you can foreclose any arguments that you failed to mitigate your damages.

Retain an attorney and do not deal with the insurance carrier directly

It is common for insurance carriers to immediately contact a victim following an accident. This contact may come in as little as a day. The carriers will often encourage the victim to settle quickly and to not contact an attorney. They may even attempt to imply that it is not in your best interests to speak with counsel. It must be remembered, however, that these adjusters are employees of the insurance company. Their role is to safeguard the profits of the corporation for which they work and it is not to protect your interests. An attorney, by contrast, is charged with helping you to receive the greatest possible amount of compensation. This obligation includes helping you to decide whether or not to settle. Contacting an attorney immediately will result in counsel dealing with the insurance adjuster while you focus on the important business of getting healthy. For these reasons, it is typically best to inform any insurance adjuster who contacts you that they will hear from your counsel shortly.

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