semi truck on desert highwayTruck accidents can be catastrophic and can leave victims uncertain of what to do next. It is recommended that you contact an attorney immediately after an accident, but there are also several steps you can take to protect your health and right to compensation. This article is intended to provide an overview of steps to take if you are a victim of a truck accident in Laredo and other parts of south Texas. It is important that accident victims understand their legal rights and how to protect those rights. My goal is to provide information to assist victims and their families when selecting an attorney to represent their interests. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact my office today to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Truck accident victims are often unsure of how to communicate with insurance adjusters, when to contact an attorney, or how to protect their legal rights. Victims should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, if not immediately, after an accident. This will protect not only your health, but a potential legal claim by helping establish damages and liability. If you delay or outright refuse medical care, then that may raise questions from insurance adjusters or opposing counsel about the extent of your injuries. You should also follow advice and recommendations from your doctor such as prescribed medication, physical therapy, etc.

The injured party will typically be contacted by the responsible party’s insurance adjusters soon after an accident. You may be overwhelmed and hesitant to respond to the adjuster’s requests for recorded statements or information about the accident. You should know from the outset that the insurance adjuster is working for the defendant and is not looking out for your best interests. Their job is to minimize the exposure to the insurance company and reach a settlement as quickly as possible for as little as possible. Depending on your case and the extent of your injuries, entering into a quick settlement may not reflect the full amount of damages that you are entitled to. After an accident occurs, it is also important to consult with experienced personal injury counsel to help navigate this process.

I cannot stress enough the importance of contacting an attorney as soon as possible if you or a family member have been in a truck accident. Through the discovery process, counsel will gather evidence about the defendant’s conduct surrounding the accident. They may also depose witnesses or law enforcement who responded to the accident. Next, the victim’s attorney may conduct an independent investigation of the incident. Identifying eyewitnesses, reviewing media accounts, or inspecting social media posts referencing the event may reveal evidence of the defendant’s responsibility. Furthermore, counsel may consult with and retain experts to provide opinions about the cause of the truck accident, damages, etc. The information gathered may be used to prove the responsible party or refute defense counsel’s claims that someone else is at fault. These are just a few examples of how hiring an attorney can help ensure that your legal rights remain protected after an accident.

Truck accident victims should contact experienced personal injury counsel as soon as possible. My office will take all of the steps needed to preserve your legal rights after an accident. If you or a loved one has been injured, contact my office as soon as possible to speak with an attorney. I understand that this is a serious time in your life, and I look forward to helping you through this process. I serve clients in Laredo and other areas of south Texas.